Wk15- Artist Conversation- Nancy Young

Info Block: 

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As The Crow Flies

Media: printed paper, non toxic ink, metal, wood, mixed media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: None

About the Artist: 
Nancy Young is a graduate student in the CSULB School of Art BFA Printmaking Program. Young’s passion for printmaking began when she took her first printmaking class and after that she was in love with it. Despite her rocky start in the university in 1984, when she was “disqualified for failing grades as a result of co-occurring bipolar and substance abuse disorder,” she is in her last year accomplishing her dreams that she had set her mind to since the very beginning. Young stated that it has definitely been harder to be in school at a much older age because work and other things get in the way. Young works for the County of Orange as a database and programer, and is not looking to make money off of her artwork. She simply sees a degree in art as something that is always valuable in a person. Other than doing art she also enjoys to listen to music and spending time with her dog.

Formal Analysis:

The artwork that I decided to analyse for the last time is one of Nancy Young’s prints. The print is roughly the size of a piece of paper turned horizontally. The image printed is of a black crow standing on a piece of wood. In the background there is a mix of pink, yellow, and gray that make up what appears to be the sky. The image was really stunning filled with so much detail. The crow is black and it looks very life like. The whole image portrays a sense of loneliness but at the same time peacefulness and calmness.

Content Analysis:

Nancy Young’s inspiration stems out from her own personal life and the crow is a metaphor of herself and others who might find themselves in similar situations. She mentioned that her art deals with personal issues such as the death of her husband. The crow goes through a journey starting in Nancy Young’s class at CSULB and ending at her by her work in Santa Monica. On the bottom of each print she wrote the distance that she was from where she started. The type of ink that Young uses is non-toxic which is something that she feels very proud of because most of printmaking ink is and it is really dangerous.

Synthesis/ My Experience:

This week’s art gallery took me on a flight with Nancy Young and it was spectacular. She is really passionate about what she does and it is really clear that she does it because she loves it. I really enjoyed the fact that she talked about the process of printmaking and she had the tools there to show us. We got to see the steps she took to create her art pieces that she had on display. I am honored to have had this passionate artist as my last artist conversation, I am certain that she will make it very far and I know this will not be the last time I will see one of her prints on display.


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