Wk14- Art Experience Feedback

From all the activities we did this semester my top three were landscape with a corpse, moonbase alpha, and the art care package. I really liked landscape with a corpse because the way one is going to die is normally not something people constantly think about. I thought it was really cool to think about that and to see others interpretations of their deaths. I never really saw death as an art form and it turned out to be a great experience. Moonbase alpha was one of my favorites because we got to make up a character and create a whole story about that character. Everyone’s characters were interconnected in some form or another and it created a bigger story. I really like fiction and this assignment allowed me room to use my creativity. The art care package was also one of my favorite assignments because we had the opportunity to share something with someone else rather than just with ourselves. I know personally, that I tried really hard to make something special for the person I got. I felt really glad also when I received mine in the mail.
Although there was not a single art experience that I did not like, I did have some that were my least favorite. This included the plaster casting, automatic drawing and instagram. Although the intended purpose of the plaster casting was great, the execution was not. The assignment was probably the most expensive out of all of them and the messiest. I still have a lot of extra mix to make a mold. The automatic drawing I felt that did not work at all till this day. For all of those that say it worked I think they are lying because it felt that I was forcing the pencil to move and it was not moving by itself. For the instagram activity I found it a little annoying maybe to others that I fallow because of the amount of posts I did. I feel that since I am that way others are the same. I am also mad because the are the least liked post I have on my account.
Overall, I found the class to have been great and a fun experience. I meet new people and developed friendships with them and I hope that they will go well beyond just this class. I was disappointed to hear that this class will just be an online course next semester because students will miss this kind of environment. At the sametime I am grateful that I got to experience it.



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