Wk15- Artist Conversation- Nancy Young

Info Block: 

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As The Crow Flies

Media: printed paper, non toxic ink, metal, wood, mixed media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: None

About the Artist: 
Nancy Young is a graduate student in the CSULB School of Art BFA Printmaking Program. Young’s passion for printmaking began when she took her first printmaking class and after that she was in love with it. Despite her rocky start in the university in 1984, when she was “disqualified for failing grades as a result of co-occurring bipolar and substance abuse disorder,” she is in her last year accomplishing her dreams that she had set her mind to since the very beginning. Young stated that it has definitely been harder to be in school at a much older age because work and other things get in the way. Young works for the County of Orange as a database and programer, and is not looking to make money off of her artwork. She simply sees a degree in art as something that is always valuable in a person. Other than doing art she also enjoys to listen to music and spending time with her dog.

Formal Analysis:

The artwork that I decided to analyse for the last time is one of Nancy Young’s prints. The print is roughly the size of a piece of paper turned horizontally. The image printed is of a black crow standing on a piece of wood. In the background there is a mix of pink, yellow, and gray that make up what appears to be the sky. The image was really stunning filled with so much detail. The crow is black and it looks very life like. The whole image portrays a sense of loneliness but at the same time peacefulness and calmness.

Content Analysis:

Nancy Young’s inspiration stems out from her own personal life and the crow is a metaphor of herself and others who might find themselves in similar situations. She mentioned that her art deals with personal issues such as the death of her husband. The crow goes through a journey starting in Nancy Young’s class at CSULB and ending at her by her work in Santa Monica. On the bottom of each print she wrote the distance that she was from where she started. The type of ink that Young uses is non-toxic which is something that she feels very proud of because most of printmaking ink is and it is really dangerous.

Synthesis/ My Experience:

This week’s art gallery took me on a flight with Nancy Young and it was spectacular. She is really passionate about what she does and it is really clear that she does it because she loves it. I really enjoyed the fact that she talked about the process of printmaking and she had the tools there to show us. We got to see the steps she took to create her art pieces that she had on display. I am honored to have had this passionate artist as my last artist conversation, I am certain that she will make it very far and I know this will not be the last time I will see one of her prints on display.


Wk15- Classmate Conversation- Tareena Woods

For my last classmate conversation I had the honor to have talked with Tareena Woods. Tareena Woods is a Freshman at California State University Long Beach, pursuing a film major.She hopes that someday she will be able to produce her own films or to be a film editor. Tareena lives in Buena Park with her dad and her uncle. The drive from her home to school is 20 minutes away which is pretty convenient for her.In her free time, she loves to hang out with her friends and family, go to the beach, watch Netflix, listen to music, read, do community service, and explore museums. Tareena also loves food, and likes to be adventurous and try new foods. Her favorite foods are tacos, ice cream, KBBQ, and Acai Bowls. Tareena has a dog named Dexter, whom she loves very much. Dexter is a Shiba Inu and will be turning two years old this summer. Tareena is really into art but said that she, “suck at doing my own”. Her favorite type of art form are films and also photography. Tareena loves documenting her life, so you will most likely always see her taking videos or snapping pictures. Tareena was very kind and it was great getting to speak with her for my last classmate conversation. 

Wk14- Art Experience- Sketching

This week’s art experience was sketching six drawings in the CSULB Japanese Garden. Three of the sketches had to be representational and the other three abstract. Aside from the sketches we also had to take six pictures in the same manner. My focus was only nature because I wanted to capture the natural beauty of the place and not be distracted by anything else. This activity has probably been the most traditional type of art that we have done all this semester and I really enjoyed it. It was nice to do some sketching and just enjoy the scenery at the Japanese Garden. Sketching tends to calm me down and when I feel stress, it really soothes me. As finals approach I felt that this assignment couldn’t of come at a better time. I am a little disappointed at myself because I know that I could of had done a much better job in my sketches but the time did not allow. If I would have only need it three sketches I think the quality of each would be better. Overall, I really enjoyed this activity a lot.


Wk14- Art Experience Feedback

From all the activities we did this semester my top three were landscape with a corpse, moonbase alpha, and the art care package. I really liked landscape with a corpse because the way one is going to die is normally not something people constantly think about. I thought it was really cool to think about that and to see others interpretations of their deaths. I never really saw death as an art form and it turned out to be a great experience. Moonbase alpha was one of my favorites because we got to make up a character and create a whole story about that character. Everyone’s characters were interconnected in some form or another and it created a bigger story. I really like fiction and this assignment allowed me room to use my creativity. The art care package was also one of my favorite assignments because we had the opportunity to share something with someone else rather than just with ourselves. I know personally, that I tried really hard to make something special for the person I got. I felt really glad also when I received mine in the mail.
Although there was not a single art experience that I did not like, I did have some that were my least favorite. This included the plaster casting, automatic drawing and instagram. Although the intended purpose of the plaster casting was great, the execution was not. The assignment was probably the most expensive out of all of them and the messiest. I still have a lot of extra mix to make a mold. The automatic drawing I felt that did not work at all till this day. For all of those that say it worked I think they are lying because it felt that I was forcing the pencil to move and it was not moving by itself. For the instagram activity I found it a little annoying maybe to others that I fallow because of the amount of posts I did. I feel that since I am that way others are the same. I am also mad because the are the least liked post I have on my account.
Overall, I found the class to have been great and a fun experience. I meet new people and developed friendships with them and I hope that they will go well beyond just this class. I was disappointed to hear that this class will just be an online course next semester because students will miss this kind of environment. At the sametime I am grateful that I got to experience it.


Extra Credit- Geocaching

For the extra credit I went with the same group I went to do the geocaching activity with on week twelve. We only went to one together because we did not really have too much time after class on tuesday. Luckily the geocache was really close to where we were. The geocache was on campus underneath one of the newspaper boxes. The geocache had been placed there by Tyler Kedis. We got the coordinates and followed it to a newspaper box by the art galleries. The box was an Altoids mint box and was being held in place with a magnet. If I would of had more time I would have definitely searched for more to get more points.