Wk12- Art Experience- Geocaching

This week’s art experience was geocaching. I did this activity with two other classmates after the gallery on Thursday. We decided to go to one on campus and to our surprise on our way there we saw that another group was also on the search for the same one we were. The one we went to was across beach drive from LA-5. Finding the container was a little difficult because the clue given was not very helpful. Eventually we ended up finding it. It was a little black container that looked like a pill bottle. On the inside it had a little notebook looking thing in which we wrote “Glenn’s class” and the date. Since it was really small and we did not want to waste the pages we felt that it was more appropriate than writing all of our names. After we took pictures we placed it back on the tree where it was.

The geocache that we placed, was also done between the same two classmates and myself. We used a small kleenex tissue bag as the container. As the log book we left a kleenex to write on. We also, each  left some items to contribute and we wrote our names and date on the log book. Now we just hope someone will find it.

The activity was really fun overall. It was a little stressful finding the geocache at the beginning especially because the clue was not very helpful. I was really surprised to see that a lot of people do this for fun. I had no idea that geocaching was even a thing but after finding out about it, I think it might be something I will do for fun with friends.


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