Wk11- Turning Pages

This week we ended up doing something very different from what we normally do as our regular schedule. We had a guest artist named Marta Troya, born in Spain, come into our class to talk about her art and her experiences as a study abroad student. She created an activity for us to do tying it in with her Book Club activity that she does with fellow colleagues and friends in London. In her activity we went to the CSULB Library and we read children’s books on the first floor in the waiting room for the computer lab. We later went to the CSULB Book Store and in separate groups we participated in the individual activities that they have set up there.

The experience was amazing and the contrast of the two places was very apparent. The activity really showed that an ephemeral moment, although hard to do, can be captured in writing and pictures. Each individual student has the ability to write about what they did and the part they played. I for example read the book The Little Red Hen, a book that I had read before as a child. I believe that pictures are the best possible way to show what one has done because the experience is captured in place. Other ways of capturing events more precisely would be a video because it shows exactly what happened. I do not believe that a photograph distances the individual with the event, but rather allows the individual to look back into that moment and revisit it.

I really enjoyed this activity. It was really interesting to see how places are being replaced by other things. It is kind of scary that a place like the library is constantly changing and that in a few more years it might no longer serve the purpose it was once built for.


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