Wk13- Artist Conversation- Nick Bamford

Info Block:

Artist: Nick Bamford


Media: clay, plaster, foam, found objects, mixed media  

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: None ( under construction)

Instagram: nickbamf4d

About the Artist:

Nick Bamford is an undergraduate  student at Long Beach State University. He is in the BFA for Ceramics Program in the CSULB School of Art. Bamford grew up in Huntington Beach and it was there where he discovered his passion for art. When he was in high school, he took his first ceramics class and realized he loved it. Growing up, Bamford always enjoyed art and knew that when he grew older he knew he wanted to follow his dream and make art. For graduate school he would like to go to UCLA.

Formal Analysis:

The art piece that I decided to analyze is by Nick Bamford. The piece consist of different objects put together with black lights. The structure was very tall and it was being all held together by a piece of wood at the bottom. On the piece of wood there was a doll toy with it’s head torn off. The sculpture was topped off with wings that appeared to have belonged to a once alive bird.  The sculpture also has an old shoe with a bird in it. The piece was very interesting to look at especially under the black lights.

Content Analysis:

Nick Bamford’s work consist of different personal items that he has collected and puts them together to create his work. His work shows the cycle of growth and decay because some of the items are old but he is doing something new with it. He gives the items a new purpose in his work. The black lights serve to bring in a different dimension to his art instead of the traditional art.  

 Synthesis/ My Experience:

This week’s gallery was really interesting and very different than from what we have previously seen. The black lights were very cool in the exhibition and it allowed the art to be the focal point in the room. I definitely enjoyed walking around looking at all of the different kinds of things that made up each sculpture and hearing from the artist.


Wk13- Classmate Conversation- Valentina Ramirez- Elorza

I met Valentina Ramirez the week when we had to create a video for this class and it was nice to have her be part of it. This week I finally asked her to be my classmate for the conversation and she kindly said yes. Valentina Ramirez is a 22 years old senior at CSULB. She is a 4th years and will be graduating this semester. She is majoring in Sociology and Child Development. She is also obtaining a minor in Family Studies. After this semester she is planning on going to a police academy to become a police officer. Valentina choose California State University Long Beach because it was affordable and because she wanted to stay close to her family. Valentina is happily married, but she does not have have any kids yet. She has two dogs which she loves very much. In her spare time, she likes watching UFC and spending time with her family. It was awesome getting to know Valentina and I think others in the class should get to know her as well. IMG_1391

Wk13- Art Experience- Art Care Package (ACP)

This week for our art experience we had to make an art care package to a classmate. The person I got was Domenique Gomez. I decided to share with her some of my favorite pieces of art by some really well known artists. Since I like classical art, the whole scheme of the project carried that classical theme throughout. I made copies of the artworks and added a pastel color paper in the background. I wanted to keep the colors very settled and also very girly. I also added a few little diamonds throughout to add some extra elegance. My hope is that the things I sent her would serve her to create art, like for example a collage. I handmade everything and now I just hope that she likes it. The activity was actually pretty fun because it allowed me to get creative.

Wk12- Artist Conversation- Tiffany Le

Info Block:

Artist: Tiffany Le

Exhibition: Tàu

Media: canvas,printed paper,ink,charcoal, watercolor, mixed media  

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: http://www.letealeaf.com

Instagram: lettealeaf

About the Artist:

Tiffany Le is a Vietnamese- American artist. She is in her last semester as a graduate student in the CSULB School of Art MFA Illustration Program. Le was born and raised in Garden Grove, California and has been doing art since a very young age. Since the age of three she had been doing art by tracing and copying the images from cereal boxes. Le loves doing Japanese fencing but she has not had any luck finding the team on the CSULB campus. In her free time she likes to take care of her bunnies and take pictures of them. In the future after graduate school, she is hoping to find a studio to continue her work. .             

Formal Analysis:

The artwork that I decided to analyze this week was one of Tiffany Le’s paintings on a small canvas. The image is of two green rats in what appears to be a really dark space. The two rats are back to back and are the only things with color on the image. They are painted green and have light pink ears and tails. The rats appear to be standing in water probably frightened. On the background there is six rat traps with dead rats that are black. There is a dim light coming down on the center of the image and its the only sort of light present. The light seems to be showing the rat traps because it is right on them. The artwork portrays a lot of emotion, almost making it difficult for me to describe.  

Content Analysis:

Tiffany Le’s art stems from the lack of family history and cultural history as a Vietnamese. Her family would not share their personal stories and at school she would only be provided with “like two paragraphs, when they would cover the Vietnam War” She believes that “in America there is a censorship on Vietnamese history”. The desire to learn more about her family and Vietnamese culture lead her to create her gallery. In Vietnamese “tàu” means boat and it represents the refugees struggle and her family’s struggle to come to the US. The gallery particularly reflects on how Vietnamese do not really share their stories and their journey and exposes those stories and focuses on what they went through.    

Synthesis/ My Experience:

This week’s gallery was really powerful and conveyed a great message about the Vietnamese immigrants that came to the US. It was like having a mini history lesson with visuals. Tiffany Le was really passionate about her work and it was really obvious by the stories she shared about her father and aunt. I definitely feel that her work really provides that voice that Vietnamese people do not have in America. I really enjoyed her work.

Wk12- Classmate Conversation- Gabriela Hernandez


Gabriela Hernandez is a nineteen year old Sophomore who is currently undeclared. She mentioned that she is interested in pursuing a degree in Sociology or Psychology because she would like to become a counselor some day. Gabriela attended Jordan High School in North Long Beach and applied to a couple colleges and universities but ultimately ended up choosing CSULB because she wanted to stay near her family and friends. On her free time Gabriela likes to sleep, eat, or watch Netflix. Gabriela also likes to play volleyball and listen to all types of music, with the exception of country music. She said she “really dislikes country music”. She especially enjoys listening to Bruno Mars and Nirvana. Gabriela’s favorite color is black and her favorite type of food is Mexican. She explained that when it comes to food she just sticks to the comfort foods that she knows she already likes. But when I asked her if she would be willing to try a different type of food, she said she would be willing to try Italian food. When I asked her “what is something that people might think of you at first glance ?,” she responded that she thinks people get the wrong impression of her and that they immediately think that she is intimidating. She is a very charismatic person and it was a pleasure to speak to her.

Wk12- Art Experience- Geocaching

This week’s art experience was geocaching. I did this activity with two other classmates after the gallery on Thursday. We decided to go to one on campus and to our surprise on our way there we saw that another group was also on the search for the same one we were. The one we went to was across beach drive from LA-5. Finding the container was a little difficult because the clue given was not very helpful. Eventually we ended up finding it. It was a little black container that looked like a pill bottle. On the inside it had a little notebook looking thing in which we wrote “Glenn’s class” and the date. Since it was really small and we did not want to waste the pages we felt that it was more appropriate than writing all of our names. After we took pictures we placed it back on the tree where it was.

The geocache that we placed, was also done between the same two classmates and myself. We used a small kleenex tissue bag as the container. As the log book we left a kleenex to write on. We also, each  left some items to contribute and we wrote our names and date on the log book. Now we just hope someone will find it.

The activity was really fun overall. It was a little stressful finding the geocache at the beginning especially because the clue was not very helpful. I was really surprised to see that a lot of people do this for fun. I had no idea that geocaching was even a thing but after finding out about it, I think it might be something I will do for fun with friends.

Wk11- Turning Pages

This week we ended up doing something very different from what we normally do as our regular schedule. We had a guest artist named Marta Troya, born in Spain, come into our class to talk about her art and her experiences as a study abroad student. She created an activity for us to do tying it in with her Book Club activity that she does with fellow colleagues and friends in London. In her activity we went to the CSULB Library and we read children’s books on the first floor in the waiting room for the computer lab. We later went to the CSULB Book Store and in separate groups we participated in the individual activities that they have set up there.

The experience was amazing and the contrast of the two places was very apparent. The activity really showed that an ephemeral moment, although hard to do, can be captured in writing and pictures. Each individual student has the ability to write about what they did and the part they played. I for example read the book The Little Red Hen, a book that I had read before as a child. I believe that pictures are the best possible way to show what one has done because the experience is captured in place. Other ways of capturing events more precisely would be a video because it shows exactly what happened. I do not believe that a photograph distances the individual with the event, but rather allows the individual to look back into that moment and revisit it.

I really enjoyed this activity. It was really interesting to see how places are being replaced by other things. It is kind of scary that a place like the library is constantly changing and that in a few more years it might no longer serve the purpose it was once built for.