Wk10- Classmate Conversation- Amber Bolden

IMG_1281Amber Bolden is an eighteen year old Freshmen attending CSULB planning to major in film. Amber’s interest in film stems from her love in photography. She said that film is what she wants to do because it is what is predominant nowadays. Amber would like to become a film producer someday. She is the type of person that if she wants something, she will go ahead and accomplish it on her own. In the case of photography she went out of her own way and signed up to take photography classes in Venice beach. Amber currently works in two jobs, one as a researcher on campus and the other one being a sales associate at Victoria’s Secret in Santa Monica. Although she rarely has any free time, when she does have time she enjoys to go to art museums and hang out with friends. Amber lives in the dorms and really enjoys the independence she has because it gives her the opportunity to learn and manage her own time. Amber was really charismatic and really entertaining to talk to and I encourage others to talk and get to know her.


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