Wk10- Art Experience- Instagram


This assignment was really fun but at the same time a little complicated because I was not really sure which things I wanted to post. I am the type of person who rarely post things in social media and posting more that one thing on one day was definitely out of my comfort zone. I always tend to think that it is a little too annoying when people post a lot of things in one day and finding myself doing that was weird. I felt that since I judge those who do that, I was being judged by others. The posts that I decided to share where representative of what I did in my day. I wanted to capture my life in art class by posting two pictures of the art gallery and two others of my regular life. For the other two I did the CSULB library and of ice cream with my brother. I decided to also incorporate just screenshots of what I saw when I went into the hashtag. Some of my own pictures were present in the collage as well.


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