IMG_1244I am the last of my species left in Moonbase Alpha. All of my species died do to the irresponsibility of humans and other creatures in this planet. I am the last surviving of the Wise Tree’s. I am the oldest living creature in this planet and have been here since the planet was created. I am the only one left that knows what has happened in this planet since it was created. This planet is my home and I have keep historical records of it on each of my leaves. Unlike other species of tree I can walk on my roots and live off of oxygen which I also create. I do not require water or any sunlight. When other creatures are looking for advice they come to me because they know that I have a vast amount of knowledge and that I can give them the advice they need. If you would like to learn of a few creatures I have advised, make sure to check them out: Elidiana Laeta and Gabrielina


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