Wk8- Classmate Conversation- William Luna

IMG_1226William Luna is nineteen year old Sophomore at CSULB. He is enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering program and hopes for some day to work for an aerospace company and make airplanes for celebrities. He attended Lakewood High School and after attended LBCC where he played soccer for the team. During his Freshman year in college he was attending both LBCC and CSULB. Luna comes from a low income Honduran family and he believes that because of that he has learned to appreciate things more. Luna’s favorite foods are ceviche and pupusas and his favorite color is blue. In his free time he likes to hang out with friends and to play soccer. His favorite soccer teams are las Chivas and el Barcelona. Luna lives in North Long Beach and has never been out of the Unites States, if he were to travel, he would like to go to Spain. Luna has his own 3D printing company that he himself stated with someone else, he said that it is pretty successful. His main job is catering at weddings at a mansion. Luna was a very charismatic person to talk to and very friendly.


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