Wk8- Artist Conversation- Brianna Joy

Info Block:

Artist: Bri Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: Screen prints, BFK paper

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: She does not have a website

Instagram: bri.joy

About the Artist:

Bri Joy is an undergraduate student in her last year in the  CSULB School of Art’s Printmaking Program. Joy is from Modjeska Canyon, California, which is a very small town in Santa Ana. She mention that her community is very close knit and that everyone knows each other which was very different than when coming to Long Beach. She explained that she loves to travel and that she definitely sees herself doing it in the future. Joy loves being active so she surfs, skateboards, snowboards, and does yoga.    

Formal Analysis:

The artwork that decided to focus on was one of Bri Joy’s screen prints in the Merge gallery. The screen print was rectangular and quite large in size. It was longer in length than it was in width. The artwork displayed was quite simple because it was only two colors, black from the paint and the white from the paper. The artwork looks like a bunch of doodling but in the center it has a female figure that appears to be captured from behind. Her hair and silhouette of her body are connected to the doodling that’s all around her. Overall is a simple peace but very beautiful. I was surprised when she mentioned that she did her work section by section and that it was all hand printed. From first glance one would not know that it was made by hand, it looks like it was printed from a computer.           

Content Analysis:

Joy’s work represents her personal self, of her coming together from her past and her present. She combines organic which she described as her upbringings and the digital which is work. There is a clear contrast between the two which is why I personally believe she uses only two colors in her gallery. The organic resembles her hometown because it was very natural and in contrast Long Beach is a very industrialized setting. Joy explained that her gallery came about because of a glitch that occurred to her computer as she was working in her self portrait, and she found it very fitting for her life at the moment.   

Synthesis/ My Experience:

I really enjoyed the gallery and the different art pieces that Bri Joy had on display. I enjoyed the simplicity although I am know well aware that it took her a long time to complete. I was surprised when she mention that every time she would mess up, it would be like throwing away one hundred dollars. Her whole concept really spoke to me because I also grew up in very natural setting and  Long Beach for me is also a very industrialized setting, which is taking me time to get used to.


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