Wk8- Art Experience- Automatic Drawing

This week for my art experience we had to do an automatic drawing which I decided to do with my older brother at our apartment. We sat across from each other “crisscross applesauce” and we places a foam board on top of our knees like the activity said to do. I decided to do a foam board instead of a piece of paper because it was more stable and had a hard surface. The activity was a little silly to do but fun. I feel that the activity did not work very well for me because I often found myself purposely moving the pencil and I felt my brother also did the same. I guess we just really wanted for something to happen. I turned on a scented candle and turned off all the lights in order to relax but it just made us laugh because we were joking around that the assignment was like playing the ouija board. Overall it was a fun bonding activity for us both.


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