Wk7- Classmate Conversation- Jesus Viramonte


Jesus Viramonte is a twenty year old Sophomore. He is pursuing a degree in Psychology and hopes to someday become a Psychologist to understand people’s behaviors. He chose CSULB do to the proximity to his home and it’s no surprise that he commutes. Jesus mentioned that if for some reason he decides not to become a Psychologist, that his second choice would be to join the police academy to become a police officer. On his free time Jesus enjoys to play video games and watch tv. His favorite game is League of Legends and his favorite tv show is Archer. He works at Cerritos Mall at Green Crush serving drinks. He has been working at his new job for a couple months now. Jesus’s favorite type of food is Chinese and when I asked him if he could chose any where in the world to live, he said that he would chose the state of Washington because he likes cold weather. He was definitely very interesting to talk to.


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