Wk7- Artist Conversation- Andrea Lauren Williams

Info Block:

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams

Exhibition: Sacrifice

Media: Ceramic, clay, paint

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery West

Website: Mrswdubayoo.com

Instagram: AndreaWilliams

About the Artist:

Andrea Lauren Williams is an undergraduate student in the CSULB School of Art Ceramics program. Williams was born and raised in Riverside, California with a family that has always been big on art and music. In her 20’s she began to explore and try working with ceramics which she became in love with. She was motivated by her husband and she knew that she wanted to go into ceramics. Williams is also a mother and believes her artwork is definitely influenced by that. She is a Christian, and  that her artwork does not just focus on a particular religion, rather many. Williams has pigs, chickens, and dogs as pets and also shared that she was part of a band where she played the drums.  

Formal Analysis:

The peace that I decided to focus on was one of Andrea Williams favorite. It is a ceramic and clay peace that has a semi- naked  pregnant woman with a veil on her head. The women is painted white and outlined with a orange-brown paint. This is painted onto a very tall gray background. When I first saw it resembled a stained glass window that one would find mounted on a church with a religious figure. Underneath the painting of the woman there was a white 3D sculpture of what appeared to be hips with a red flower. This clearly represented motherhood.      

Content Analysis:

The artwork made by Andrea Lauren Williams represents the theme of motherhood. There is also a display of Christian faith, but not particular for a specific sect. Her art is more than just religion but rather,  about sacrifice of a woman  and her body. She wants to represent the unnoticed qualities of a woman’s body by making her the focal point of her work. She uses Christ and Mary in her pieces of work but describes her art, “religous but with a twist.” She hopes people see her art and question religion and what art is.

Synthesis/ My Experience:

Andrea Lauren Williams art was definitely a little unconventional when it comes to religious art. I would have expected a little more of a traditional painting just because she said that she was Christian. I really did not find appropriate the undressed figures but I did like the message that she giving about motherhood. Overall it was a very interesting gallery to see specially because of the size of her work.


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