Wk7- Art Experience- Group Video Production

This week for the art experience we were asked to form groups and create a short video. Our group consisted of Elidia Ramirez, Valentina Ramirez, Gabriela Hernandez, and myself. After struggling on deciding what to do we came up with a concept that we felt was something that a lot of CSULB students have a problem with. We decided to title our video “CSULB Student Problems” in which three of us are struggling with the notorious stairs leading to lower campus. We decided to show how no one wants to climb them, Gabriela demonstrates that by being bored. I demonstrate confusion by not knowing if I should step one or two at a time since they are so small. Elidia is taking a different route which is running the steps paying no attention to those around her. Valentina recorded the video and edited it, she also came up with the great idea of making it funny by putting in the theme song from the movie Rocky.             




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