Wk5- Classmate Conversation

I had meet Gabriela Gonzalez since last week when I saw her walking around Samuel Jernigan’s gallery. This week I decided to ask her if I could interview her for the classmate conversation and she very kindly said “yes”. Gabriela Gonzalez currently a nineteen year old Sophomore who is undeclared. She did mention, however, that she is interested in pursuing a degree in Sociology or Psychology because she would like to become a counselor some day. Gabriela attended Jordan High School in North Long Beach and applied to a couple colleges and universities but ultimately ended up choosing CSULB because she wanted to stay near her family. Gabriela’s favorite color is black and her favorite type of food is Mexican. She explained that when it comes to food she just sticks to the comfort foods that she knows she already likes. But when I asked her if she would be willing to try a different type of food, she said she would be willing to try Italian food. On her free time she either likes to sleep, eat, or watch Netflix. Gabriela also likes to play volleyball and listen to all types of music with the exception of country music. She especially enjoys listening to Bruno Mars and Nirvana. When I asked her “what is something that people might think of you at first glance ?,” she responded that she thinks people get the wrong impression of her and that they immediately think that she is intimidating. She also described herself as “very anti-social,” which was definitely not the case because we talked for a really long time and it was very interesting listening to her. For me at first glance she seemed kind of shy but as I approached her and continued talking she opened up more and became much more comfortable. It was an absolute pleasure speaking with her and getting to know her better.


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