Wk5- Art Experience- Cuisine & Beyond

For the art experience this week I decided to do it on food. I love food but the dish I decided to do it on which is Sushi, I have never tried eating. I personally eat very little fish and very rarely. When  I do eat fish it is cooked not raw like in Sushi. I decided to do an inedible type of sushi which goes well with my personality. I wanted my work to show the great damage the ocean is under because of all the plastic pollution. I made sure to replace anything in my sushi roll that would come from the ocean. The seaweed was replaced with a tan plastic bag and the inside was replaced with pieces of white and blue plastic bags. The only thing edible is the steamed rice. My hope is to inspire people to stop harming the ocean if they would like to continue enjoying the wonderful things it provides. This activity was a little challenging because when I was rolling the sushi the rice kept on coming out. Over all I really enjoyed doing this weeks assignment and I hope others do too.


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