Wk4- Art Experience- Graffiti Writing

Sadly I was not able to go to Venice Beach to do my graffiti writing, but I was able  however, to to do it here at the beach in Long Beach. I ended up buying a piece of black poster paper and created it there. I also bought red and gold spray paint to to create my graffiti art. I ended choosing those two colors for my artwork because they are two of my favorite colors. I ended up creating my initials with both of the spray paints although originally I had planned out to have my whole name written on, buy since the paper was too small my whole name did not fit. Since I did not want to just end up wasting the black piece of paper I also ended up writing something in the back side. I ended up writing God is Good. Often times when I see graffiti a displeasure is expressed but I wanted to do the opposite. This activity was fun but I definitely think that if I would have done it on a wall it would have made the experience better.       



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